What We Do

The Go Project is a natural dye studio based in Taipei, Taiwan. Using only 100% plant dyes, we create everyday products for you and your home. Our products are free from harmful toxins, safe for the environment and safe for you. In addition we teach workshops for those wanting to learn more about this magical process.

Our Process

All our products are hand dyed using traditional techniques, from bundle dyeing to eco-printing to dyeing with natural plant extracts.

Slow & Sustainable

Natural dyeing is a slow process with minimal impact on the environment.

Eco Print Natural Dye Kit

Our Natural Dye Kits are back in stock. If you want to experience this amazing process but can't make it to a workshop, our Dye Kit is perfect for you. It comes with a full instruction manual to help guide you, plus all the dyes and materials you'll need to create your own beautiful silk scarf and scrunchie - made by YOU!


    All our products are hand dyed in our studio using only 100% natural plant dyes.


    We only use natural plant fibers and try to reduce waste as much as possible.

  • 100% HAND MADE

    From designing to dyeing to sewing, every product is made slowly and carefully by hand.