Our Values

The Go Project is a sustainable natural dye workshop producing unique, everyday homeware and accessories. We use only 100% plant extracts to dye our fabrics using the traditional process of scouring, mordanting and dyeing by hand. It is a slow process which is why we only create collections in small batches. This reduces waste.

Our Fibres

Wherever possible The Go Project sources fibers locally. We use only 100% cotton and linen blend textiles. The combination of natural fibers and botanical dyes means our products are non-toxic and sustainable, safe for the environment and safe for you.


I'm a self-taught textiles designer and natural dyer based in Taipei, Taiwan. I've always had a love of textiles but it was only after an indigo dye workshop in the mountains of Yangmingshan that I fell in love with the magic of natural dyes.

I started The Go Project with the idea that everyday products can also be beautiful and safe. What we use at home and what we wear should be good for us and good for the environment. We don't need to buy more. We just need to buy better.

Thank you for your continued support x