This fun necklace would make a great addition to a kids' wardrobe. Made with a 100% merino wool pom pom that has been carefully hand dyed using only plant extracts. Each necklace is also decorated with a large wooden bead and linen ties. A small bead at the neck tie makes the length adjustable.


This necklace is dyed using plant extracts making it non toxic and safe for children. Great for gift giving.


All our products are sent in eco-friendly packaging.




- 100% merino wool, hand dyed pom pom

- hand dyed wooden beads

- linen blend dyed ties

- strong cord, adjustable


Size: length: 70cm

Wool & Bead Necklace - Mango

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  • Please follow the care instructions that come with the product. Due to the nature of botanical dyeing, some characteristics may exist where the dye is uneven. To keep colours vibrant, please hand wash in a pH neutral detergent, and store out of direct sunlight.